How to play


JumpX (PS), A (Xbox)Space---
MovementLeft-stickA / DArrow Left / Arrow Right
Select CrystalDPad1 / 2 / 3 / 4---
Use CrystalTriangle (PS), Y (Xbox)F---

Using Crystals

Blue Impulse Crystal

Blue crystals send out an impulse after one second. You can time your jump over the crystal to get a super jump

Green Teleport Crystal

Green crystals teleport you to their location after 3 seconds. They are weightless and don't react to gravity. They inherit your velocity as well. So if you jump and release, they will go flying at the same velocity you do.

Purple Blackhole Crystal

Purple crystals will suck you in towards them. They are more powerful than blue crystals and will activate 3 seconds after they are used. They are also weightless and don't react to gravity. However, they lose momentum quickly. They are great when thrown above your head and paired with your jump.

Red Anchor Crystals

Red Crystals will not move once placed. After 12 seconds they will teleport you back to wherever you placed them. For this reason, they are great when used to explore an area with no clear exit. Like a pit!


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